Tired of seeing cringey TikTok ads crowding up your fyp? Sick of seeing a brand’s Instagram feed and thinking to yourself “this could be sooo much better…”? Always coming up with creative ideas for marketing campaigns? You sound like our kind of person. 👀

We’re Espace Logistique, a Moroccan logistics media company started in 2017 and established legally in 2024. We helps logistics companies connect with our generation. We’ve worked with brands like Bookline, Swissport Maroc and more, all around the world, to help them create fresh content that actually appeals to our generation. We love making marketing more human and community-driven.

We’re currently expanding our team, to create a network of the best young marketers and content creators that would like to work with us on exciting projects. If your work is a good fit for us, we’ll promote and showcase it to new client projects, so when something comes up that we think you’d be a great match for, we’ll let you know and if you like it it’s yours! You’ll then work with our team and the client on their project which could be a short or longer-term contract, always paid of course. Once you work with us on a project, you become a part of our team and it’s very likely we will soon give you more work. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Roles include:

• Community Engagement Manager (scheduling, engagement)

• Community Director

• Social Media Strategist

• Graphic Designer Intern

• Newsletter Copywriter

• TikTok Creator

• Digital Supply Chain Project Manager

• Supply Chain Analyst