The marketing coordinator works with the company’s or community’s marketing measures. The marketing coordinator’s responsibilities and tasks vary between employers. Knowledge of marketing and the ability to prioritize are central to the job.

What does a Marketing Coordinator do?

The marketing coordinator assists or is responsible for the planning, implementation and development of the company’s or organization’s marketing measures. The content and responsibilities of the marketing coordinator’s work vary between different employers and sectors. 

The marketing coordinator can be responsible, for example, for the content and development of the company’s or community’s website and social media. The marketing coordinator’s work can also include, for example, customer service, new customer acquisition and tasks related to brand development. 

The work of a marketing coordinator is versatile and sometimes busy. In addition to marketing expertise, the work is based on creativity and good interaction skills.

Where does the marketing coordinator work?

A marketing coordinator can work in a company, an organization, and a state or municipal organization.

Knowledge and skills required in the marketing coordinator profession

The marketing coordinator needs an understanding of broad-based marketing in his work. Knowledge of social media and various communication channels is an advantage at work. 

The ability to withstand pressure and prioritize is important at work. Work is sometimes busy. 

A marketing coordinator’s work also requires creativity and precision. 

Good cooperation and interaction skills are important in the work of a marketing coordinator.

Marketing coordinator education and studies

You can end up working as a marketing coordinator with a wide variety of educational backgrounds. Many have an education in trade, for example from a university of applied sciences.

At the university of applied sciences, you can study the business administration degree tradenom (AMK). The scope of the degree is 210 credits, and the duration of the education is usually 3.5 years.

In the studies, you get a comprehensive introduction to business thinking and business operations, and you deepen your knowledge in the chosen orientation option. Digital marketing can be an option for orientation, for example.

Moreover, the degree title is tradenom (AMK). Applications for the Tradenom training are made through the joint application of higher education institutions.

In addition to this, Continuing education in the field of marketing is organized, for example, by the Rastor Institute and educational institutions.